WWII Memorial flag flying over Pleasure Bay

Bicentennial of the War of 1812-1815

Francis Scott Key penned the poem that became this nation’s anthem, “The Star Spangled Banner”, as he watched the 1814 siege of Fort McHenry occur in Baltimore Harbor. The young nation was uncertain if it could prevail once again against British forces. For centuries, “Old Glory” has provided a visual symbol of unity for this nation.  During the bicentennial celebrations of the War of 1812, we all pause to acknowlege that freedom isn’t free. We honor those that have made the ultimate sacrifice, our veterans, and those that continue to serve this nation. For more information on the history and significance of the War of 1812, visit the Navy historical society’s 1812 site and Fort McHenry’s official site.

Boston Harbor played host to vessels from around the world this past Independence Day. Fort Independence took center stage in welcoming them with ship to shore salutes.

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